International Conferences
Invited Session
Lagrangian and Hamiltonian Methods for Non Linear Control 2012, Bertinoro, Italy 2012

[1] Denis Matignon and Thomas Hellie. On damping models preserving the eigenfunctions of conservative systems: a port-Hamiltonian perspective

[2] Yann Le Gorrec and Denis Matignon. Diffusive systems coupled to an oscillator: a Hamiltonian formulation.

[3] Weijun Zhou, Boussad Hamroun, Yann Le Gorrec and Frannçoise Couenne. Infinite Dimensional Port Hamiltonian Representation of Chemical Reactors

[4] Nandish Calchand, Arnaud Hubert and Yann Le Gorrec. Port hamiltonian formulation of MSMA based actuator: toward a thermodynamically consistent Preisach formulation of hysteretic behavior.

[5] Mamadou Diagne and Bernhard Maschke. Boundary Port Hamiltonian systems of conservation laws coupled by a moving interface.
American Control Conference

 [1] Hector Ramirez and Yann Le Gorrec. Exponential stability of a class of PDE’s with           dynamic boundary control
European Control Conference

 [1] Hector Ramirez and Yann Le Gorrec. Boundary port Hamiltonian control of a class of  nanotweezers

IFAC Workshop on Thermodynamic Fundations of Mathematical Systems Theory,

 [1] H.Ramirez, B.Maschke, D.Sbarbaro Control of input-output contact systems

 [2]A.Hubert, N.Calchand, Y. Le Gorrec Irreversible Thermodynamics and Smart Materials Systems Modelling. Example of Magnetic Shape Memory actuators

 [3] H.Ramirez, Y.Le Gorrec, B.Maschke, F.Couenne Passivity Based Control of Irreversible Port Hamiltonian Systems

 [4] W.Zhou, B.Hamroun, Y.Le Gorrec, F.Couenne Availability based Stabilization of Tubular Chemical Reactors

IFAC Workshop on Control of Systems Governed by Partial Differential Equations

 [1] H. Ramirez, H. Zwart, Y. Le Gorrec, Exponential stability of boundary controlled port Hamiltonian Systems with dynamic feedback
 [2] B. Maschke, A.v.d Scaft, On alternative Poisson Brackets for fluid Dynamical Systems and their extension to Stokes-Dirac structures 
 [3] H. Zwart, Y. Le Gorrec, B. Maschke Using System Theory to Prove Existence of Non-Linear
[4] D. Matignon, PDE's Fractional Equations and Diffusive Systems: An Overview

European Journal of Control

[1] D. Matignon, T. Hélie, A class of damping model preserving eigenspaces for linear conservative port-Hamiltonian systems
[2] Y. Le Gorrec, D. Matignon, Coupling between hyperbolic and diffusive systems: A port-Hamiltonian formulation
[3] Hector Ramirez, Bernhard Maschke, Daniel Sbarbaro, Modeling and control of multi energy systems: An irreversible port Hamiltonian approach
[4] M. Diagne, B. Maschke, Port Hamiltonian formulation of a system of two conservation laws with a moving interface

  News :   Technical meeting 2013, the 2 and 3 of December, Nancy